wytcom - Custom Software

We develop business operational software systems such as inventory, purchasing, job scheduling, and other specialized systems.

Our custom software systems are built to meet the precise needs of clients. We work with clients to discover their needs then we design and build the software. We build systems as web applications that run within a web browser.

We have the technical skills required plus the ability to work with clients to understand their problems, design solutions and make changes to achieve their satisfaction. Our comprehensive technical skill set and deep experience allow us to complete large projects quickly and with low overhead. Thus we can deliver excellent value to our clients.

We have 10 years experience developing business operational software systems as web applications. We have all of the software design and coding skills required. We are skilled at requirements discovery, system design, and system coding in html, css, javascript, jQuery, coldfusion, python, MS SQL, mySQL, php, basic and c.

Our target clients are owners or executives of medium to large business enterprises. These clients are primary stakeholders who are responsible for their business operations and understand the benefits of acquiring software systems to improve quality and efficiency.

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